So many couples or their parents will inquire about getting a “day of” coordinator, only because the venue ‘requires’ it and they think it’s just us showing up and running the show for the day and leaving.  But in reality it’s so much more and as a couple or parent you don’t want that person that just shows up and knows nothing of your special day or the venue.

So let’s start off as to why the venue requires you to have a professional coordinator.

  1. We are licensed and insured and it’s our business protecting their business.
  2. Many of us like Blue Wings Events have over 18 years of experience, so mishaps don’t phase us and we have the best interest of both the couple and venue in mind.
  3. Someone needs to be the third party and have clear thoughts and ideas.  Not clouded with emotions or that extra beer.
  4. The venue coordinator is not there to help with keeping you on time or managing your wedding party as they go down the aisle..that’s what a wedding coordinator does.
  5. Trusted responsibility of putting everything back where it belongs, because guess what…we are returning next week and we want to know where that item is too.

Now let’s point out why YOU the couple or family want to have a professional coordinator.

  1. All of the above +
  2. We usually start working with you about 60-45 days before your wedding to help fill in any gaps or just to give you some more amazing ideas.
  3. We are professional timeline managers for weddings from the start of hair/makeup to the send-off.  We have seen it all so trust us we know how wedding timelines work.
  4. We know the venue so floor plans are easy for us to design for you.
  5. We get to know all the vendors and will work with and manage them during the day so mom doesn’t have too.  
  6. We have talked to the couple when no emotions or family pressure is involved and have exactly what they want and will manage to that.  So Aunt Suzie isn’t going to change your cake table or head table design, we keep the best interest of the couple in mind.
  7. Our goal is to get your deposit back, so when people start walking off with rented items or kids are tearing up plants we are there for you.
  8. Honestly, when the couple is in the car after the final send off, everyone leaves.  NO one is going to stay afterwards and move the 125 chairs out of the grass and into the shed so they don’t get water on them from the sprinklers, pack up all those 300 candles/vases you rented, or gently wrap up the photos of 4 generations of wedding photos and your cake servers that are left in the kitchen that belonged to your great grandmother.    They are just trying to find their cell phone that they dropped or figure out who is getting the Uber to pick them up. We pack it up and make sure you get back your deposits.
  9. We know who to call when there is an issue we can’t manage, but more importantly all the guests and family will come to us with issues or crazy questions not going to the couple, and believe us they will try and they have the craziest issues, requests or questions.

Funny story for point #8. I was in a different state and the family was all helping as they didn’t pay to have my staff out.  The grown children of the couple agreed to help with packing up items and be my transportation back to the lodging as we had all come together with the items.   Well guess what…after the send-off I walked back inside and went upstairs thinking they would join me after saying goodbye to family. No, I was left alone, ended up calling an Uber and charging the couple x2 for everything.  We don’t expect family now to help anymore after any event and neither should you.

clearing the area while holding the dress and being the person people listen too..that’s what we do..

So why do venues require a ‘Wedding Day Coordinator’? Because they have seen so many weddings with a coordinator and even more without.  The ones with go smoothly and the ones without burn down the house, really it happened.  Why do you want a coordinator? Because truly, do you want everyone coming up to you and asking a million questions of where and why or mom so worried about the flowers and centerpieces that she missed her daughter walking down the aisle.  Or would you rather have been working with a team of professionals that know everything so the week of your wedding you are relaxed and being in the moment not managing the moment?

Let Blue Wings Events help you live in the moment while we manage all the details.

Angela doesn’t do “day of coordinating”. She does “month of coordinating” and boy, did I get my money worth! She was always available via text or email, she sent me reminders (even after the wedding!!), gave me vendor names, and so much more!! Honestly, she is worth wayyyyy more than what she charges.

Thank you Angela for making my day perfect. You kept us on time (which is hard for me) and I never even had to worry about anything the whole day!! You even found my wedding shoes that got lost in the shuffle with all the decor (which still, to this day I don’t know where they were!). I probably would’ve went shoeless without you. Thank you so much, Angela. We will be forever grateful!!!

Brandon & Rachel Oct 2017

Images provided by Clickery Imagery and Angela Lyons Photography