For far too long the groom has played it safe with their wedding day attire, but I think this will be the season we will see more gorgeous grooms expressing their unique styles and letting their personalities shine through.

Fashion might dictate certain key looks, but the most important ‘trend’ for this season will be ‘different’ ~ the groom is joining their brides in wanting to put their own stamp on their wedding day style, from adding a unique jacket, or being in a different color than their attendants to adding a colorful kilt.

Just remember looking, and feeling great on your wedding day is more than just a matter of “putting on a suit”.  Just like the purchase of that all-important ring, you’ve got to think of cut, color, size and style.  As the groom, do you want a classic tuxedo or a tweed suit or maybe you want something a little more modern or laid back?  Should you wear a tie, a bow tie or go open collar? And have you thought about your socks? Yep, socks!

6 points you should review first:

  1. Your suite or tux should fit the formality. Formal, beach, rustic, Groom Shoesmodern, classic, or backyard.
  2. Your attire should coordinate with your partner’s.
  3. Your body type should dictate the suite.
  4. The fit should be perfect.
  5. Your look should coordinate with your attendants, even if you are a totally different color.
  6. Your accessories should set you apart from your attendants, could be those socks.

Here are a few guidelines the groom and attendants should consider:
  • Three button jackets look great on taller men.
  • Short men should opt for a deeper V in their jacket to elongate their torso.
  • Research various jacket cuts to choose your style, Drape Cut works great for sharp, modern grooms, Continental is a little more classic.
  • As for your sleeves, opt for shorter and more fitted, showing a little cuff is a stylish, dapper and modern look.
  • Your jacket should never hang so long as it puckers when you put your hands in your trouser pockets. Keeping it short makes you look taller.
  • The waist is one of the most important parts of the fit, nip it in for strong shoulders and a lean look.
  • The jacket sleeve hem should fall at the wrist bone with about one-fourth to one half inch of the shirt cuff showing below.
  • The bottom hem of the jacket should cover the butt and the vent shouldn’t pull open. If it does, that means it’s too tight.
  • The collar should lay flat on the back and sides of the neck without any gaps or bulges.
  • Pants should fit comfortably when standing and sitting and break across the top of the shoes so they cover the top one-third.
  • A bow tie should fit snugly around the collar.
  • Casual threads are becoming increasingly popular for grooms as couples plan rustic, informal weddings.
  • While jeans, chinos, plaid shirts, or Converse trainers all look cool, pair them with more formal touches like blazers, suspenders, or bow ties, for a contrasted casual look.
  • Top Tip: Check with your other half if you’re going casual, you don’t want them to feel over-dressed on their own wedding day!
  • Choose trousers with as little excess fabric as possible.
  • While pleated pants offer more room for a larger gent, opting for a flat front trouser is a modern, slimming cut.
  • Showing a little ankle action is really cool right now but not everyone can pull it off. Generally speaking, your trousers should sit nicely just above your shoes, rather than bunch up around your ankles.
  • Bring the shoes you’re planning to wear to your fitting, to make sure your pants are the correct length. Especially if you’re opting for a cuffed trouser.

Don’t forget as the groom to keep your attendants all on track so your partner has one less thing to do.

  1. Assign looks to all wedding party members,from the smallest ring bearer to the biggest dude in the bunch including your dad.
  2. Choose who you pay for in your wedding party or opt to send them information to complete their own order.
  3. Keep your crew on track with nudges and reminders to check progress and make sure everyone’s doing their part.

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