When you first start planning your wedding day, the list of things involved with your special day can feel endless, like drinking from a fire-hose.  Just Google, wedding checklist or check out all those Pinterest ideas on our board, it can be overwhelming and you can’t really absorb it all.

By attending a local wedding show, this allows couples to have access to the latest trends in wedding essentials and fashions for all types of vendors under one roof. When there are so many decisions from deciding what photographer, food, rentals, music, planners, wedding favors, and a venue, a wedding show can allow a couple to walk out more confident than when they arrived! Spring and fall wedding shows are a great way for couples to become organized, help create great ideas and talk to wedding professionals that are in the business!

Here are 10 helpful ideas to help you be an organized couple at your next Wedding Show!

    1. Don’t expect to be eating samples like a Saturday at Costco, usually it’s only cakes/cupcakes, so it’s a good idea to eat a small meal before venturing out.
    1. Before going, create a free email account that you will use just for wedding items. This way you can manage all wedding emails and your personal email account won’t be flooded by wedding offers.
    1. Pre-registering for these events will save you time at check-in, and often a couple of dollars. (use the new address here for sure!)
    1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and leave your jacket in the car, holding it along with all the other products will be cumbersome. 
    1. Get advice! We recommend bringing a friend or family member, or your fiancé. It’s important to share opinions and ideas with one another to keep you from making an impulsive, regrettable, decision!
    1. Pre-print address labels with your name, address and your new wedding email account so that you can use that to fill out the vendor info cards.
    1. Just so you know arriving early won’t beat the crowds. If you want to attend the first day, go after lunch or attend the second day of the show, guaranteed it won’t be crowded, allowing you time to talk with vendors.
    1. Bring two bags, or the show will provide them, so pick up two. One bag for all the vendors you really want to follow-up with and the other your friend carries to place items you aren’t really interested in following up with. 
    1. POST-IT notes are your friend. 20170227_081926Take a stack of post-it notes and stick them on all those vendors you really want to follow-up on. This also allows you to put a quick note on them and a bonus is you can easily find them in among all those other flyers.
  1. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Enjoy the fashion show, FREEBIES, a honeymoon giveaway and much more!

Bridal Shows are like Google searches, but happening LIVE in front of you! We attend the Seattle Wedding  Expo in January every year, so join us!!  Leave a comment please if you have any other great tips.

Don’t have time to go to a wedding show? That’s okay, a wedding planner is just like having a professional shopper, so make sure you connect with one, even if you have a limited budget, they can help guide you with some great advice.   www.bluewingsevents.com

Featured Image by Angela Lyons Photography