In the midst of all the planning, have you given thought to that moment when you say I do?

One of your wedding planning tasks should be to review wedding ceremony ideas and traditions.   My bride, Lisa was interested in her options for ceremony styles, which is why I’d like to dedicate this post to her. Off the top of my head, I knew the typical types such as the unity candle and the Irish hand-fasting. I knew there were other marriage ceremony traditions, but wasn’t sure what they were, exactly, so I decided to do a little research.

Your officiant should be able to walk you through these wedding ceremony ideas as they are the experts in this field. If you haven’t selected your officiant and would like some help with this, please let me know and I can recommend some amazing officiants. Otherwise, I’ve listed some of the ceremony styles I found. But remember your ceremony should be personal so –  make it your own!

Here are some unique ceremony ideas I have found:

Spiral SEating

Spiral Ceremony Seating

Ceremony Circle Seating  There are two different types of circle seating, first the spiral seating that gives you a fun and graceful aisle to walk past all the guests.  The second is just a big circle that can be one or more rows with no aisle, this is great when a couple doesn’t want to have a wedding party or have any hierarchy seating for guests.  Both of these can be done inside or outside, so don’t limit yourself there.

Ring Warming Ceremony  – This ceremony is my favorite and I wish 32 years ago I would have done this at our wedding.  In this ceremony you involve all of your guests by giving your loved ones the opportunity to hold and infuse your wedding bands with a wish, blessing or prayer for your marriage.   It can be done by passing the rings on a string or having the rings on a string by the guest signing book. This link gives you some different ways of doing a ring warming ceremony.

Unity Hearts or Crosses – Many people know about combining sand or lighting the unity candles, but a newer idea is the hearts or crosses that are pieces put together by the couple with a poem that is read with it.  There is also a cross/rope unity that can be done too.

White Rose Ceremony  – This is a beautiful ceremony that is not done often and really can make your ceremony personal.  It gives you the feeling of having a personal conversation between the couple that is very simple and symbolizing the giving and receiving of their love.

Irish Hand-fasting This is an ancient Irish Wedding Tradition that is becoming ever popular following the vows. Hand-fasting is where their hands, or more accurately, their wrists, are literally tied together.  Couples now select colors of ribbons that either match their wedding colors or have meaning and include rope, charms and ribbons.

Poetry or Scripture Readings  Incorporating poetry or scripture readings into the ceremony is a great way to also include those that aren’t part of the wedding party, but you want them to be involved.  If you are thinking of a poem, consider hiring or finding someone that can custom write a poem about the two of you.  Many couples will have the poem or scripture read during the unity candle or just after the vows.  But think out side the box, we just did a ceremony where the couple was walking down the aisle as Mr.& Mrs. and the poem was being read then.

There are also these ceremonies that you can look into: Rose, Tree, Pebble, and Sandy Ceremonies.

Just remember the white wedding dress was never worn until one person decided to make her wedding personal and now look, everyone wears white.  So in your wedding preparation make it personal, wear that kilt or have those praise dancers, or have no one stand up there but just the two of you, but make the ceremony yours.

Would love to hear your ideas or any that I’ve missed.

Visit our Pinterest board on wedding ceremonies to see all these different styles we talked about. And if you need help implementing any of your ideas, Blue Wings Events is here for you and we love unique weddings or we even have more ideas so let’s talk!

Featured Image by: juliannajphotography.com