So you’ve got your next event ready to go and it’s at that perfect location for your corporate event, wedding or perhaps at your home all decked out for whatever holiday you are celebrating and you are not missing a thing.  But have you considered signature drinks?

If you’re looking to give your next event a little extra something that will get guests talking consider adding signature drinks that not only captures the theme of the event, but represents who you are and the feeling you want your guests to get at the event. We know, it may seem like an extra step you don’t have time for, but we guarantee you won’t
regret it when guests are lined up for your drink or comment that they never thought to try something so unique.  Or years later still commenting on the chocolate martinis with chocolate shavings.

Signature Cocktails Can Encourage Small TalkSignature cocktails

At a social event like a 50th birthday, 4th of July picnic or at a wedding, people stand in a bar line and chat or will ask someone enjoying one of the  signature drinks what they think about it before they try it.  At a corporate event, a signature cocktail can function in the same way, so always join the line just to chat. A signature cocktail can provide a perfect ice-breaker when meeting a new client or touching base with an existing one—especially if you are able to express cocktail knowledge to them in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Make the cocktail ingredients reflect the theme of the event or give the signature drinks a witty name that coincides with the message of the event as this provides an easy way to start a conversation.

A Drink That Guests Will Remember

This will vary based on why you’re having your event in the first place,
but ideally you want your event to stand out to your guests in any circumstance, so create a unique cocktail.  The signature drinks should be something you enjoy and while it’s fun to give it a meaningful name, just calling it a margarita is perfectly fine too. But the more your event stands out, the more likely your guests are to remember you and or your company. So a signature cocktail can help elevate a more routine happy hour or reception in a way that sticks. Maybe start with a Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosa for a winter or fall event that is given to guests as they enter to enjoy as they start to mingle.

Wedding signature drinksOr perhaps it is themed with the food at a summer event and everything has blackberries, “Berry Married Bliss” which can be a Blackberry Mint Bourbon.

If you want to take things up one more notch, send guests home with a packaged ingredient and or recipe so that they can concoct the signature drinks at their own at-home bar.

It’s Fun

Perhaps the most important reason for creating a signature drink is that it’s fun and unique.  There is no shortage of websites that suggest
cocktails for you to incorporate into your next event. Even if you don’t find the perfect cocktail online, you can easily work with your
bartender to tweak a recipe or just go to your local watering spot and start trying different things.

Thinking About Beer and Wine OnlyIn dog beers

First, a very LARGE disclaimer, I’m not a beer or wine drinker, ask my wonderful beer and wine drinking husband who took me to October Feast one year.  I would not recommend wine shots ever to get a quick buzz, as the chicken dance is really played at those events…thank goodness this was before cell phone cameras!  When I attend events that only serve beer and wine I end up drinking soda or water.  Really there are people in this world that don’t drink beer or wine and I’m one of them.

If you decide to do beer and wine only, add in a couple of ciders and a signature drink with sparkling wine, these can be so refreshing and easy to make with just a bit of fruit and juice.  Plus an added bonus is the sparkling wine with fruit can be made into mocktails  with lemonade for all your guests to enjoy no matter the age.

Flavored lemonade

Flavored Lemonade


Ready to book your next social or client event and find a fun, themed signature cocktail? Check out Blue Wings Events to find the perfect fit for your next successful event.