Micro Weddings

Looking to elope? But wait, mom and dad want to attend and so does your best friends you’ve know your entire life and what about your sisters and brothers? We can help and we have the perfect date and spot…so you just show up and you get to invite 24 guests.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding will do it all, from legally getting you married, photographing you and your partner, and making a generally kick-ass time of your nuptials at a beautiful venue with the best of the best wedding professionals to execute a luxury elopement style ceremony for you and up to 24 of your friends and family.

Is a Micro Wedding for You?

A micro wedding is truly for couples that want an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. It’s for couples who want a beautiful luxury ceremony, but do not want to plan all of the details themselves.

The biggest benefit of a micro wedding is that you are sharing the investment of the luxury décor, beautiful venue and the talents of the amazing wedding professionals with other couples.

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