Let us step in and take care of everything so that you and your guests are free to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Event Planning

Look to us to plan your next business meeting, client party, grand opening, or corporate conference.

Celebration of Life

Honor the fullness of your loved one’s life through a personal and unique celebration.

What Makes Blue Wings Events Different

We are not an “event designer” or a “bridal consultant” – we will never tell you what your event should look like/be like/cost, unless of course you ask. We work with clients to help them create the event that they want, with as little stress as possible. This means that we will probably encourage you to simplify things so on the day of the event you can put your stress aside and enjoy your event, be it a wedding, family reunion or business event.

Event Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator/catering manager is there to represent the venue and vendor, not the people putting on the event. Here is what an event coordinator (Blue Wings Events) will do that the venue or catering manger will not do:

  • Transportation nightmare: The shuttle may forget to stop at one of the hotels and leave guests behind before the event is about to start… so now what?
  • Stranded at the altar: The couple may forget to designate someone to cue the musicians to know when the wedding party and bride should walk down the aisle. The groom and guests wait while nothing happens, but the same song plays over and over again.
  • Blank screen: The presenter has nothing on the screen to present to 300 business people and he needs the video, but the venue coordinator has left for lunch.
  • Family Feud: Family members, who are helping run the day, may have a different vision than the host. With no third party mediator offering an unbiased opinion, the disagreements may escalate leaving the host less than enthused about their day.
  • Communication Meltdown: The bar tab may exceed the allotted budget, but no one checks in with the bartender so drinks are continuing to be served leaving the host with an unexpected bill at the end of the night.

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