I was the person that thought I could easily handle a wedding on my own and if it wasn’t for my venue requiring day of wedding planner, I would have probably tried to do it on my own. Seeing the end result, the most amazing day I could have ever asked for, I highly recommend everyone having a wedding planner and specifically Blue Wing Events. My husband and I are incredibly busy people, traveling weekly for our jobs and Angela and her staff made planning a wedding in 6 months a breeze. We ended up going with full planning as the extent of the details we were looking for could have never been handled on our own with our crazy schedules. Angela and her staff were there along the way, making sure we stayed on schedule and meeting with us based on our schedules. Our wedding was absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I had zero stress, day of, as the bride and that was all due in part to Angela and her staff. Our guests were absolutely amazed by the whole evening, being a bit more complex with a ceremony, reception and a NYE party after….Blue Wing Events took care of it all! Please trust Angela and her staff to make your wedding the day the best day of your lives!

Megan & Taylor

Bride/Groom, December 2018

Having a wedding is a daunting and stressful prospect, but having Angela there from the very beginning actually made it easy and enjoyable. From the first time I met her at the wedding show in Tacoma, to the first meeting we had to discuss the wedding, I always felt at ease with her. She brings a level of excitement and knowledge to the table that helps to alleviate the stress and worry. Also, she has a lot of wonderful connections in the business, and expertise to help guide you through the process, regardless of your budget. Every small detail of the event was discussed and planned, and I never felt like I had to remember all the tiny details because she or her assistant (also fabulous to work with!) would remind me as the time came closer. Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. Many friends and family had said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and I thank Angela and her crew for making it that, for not only my friends and family, but also for us. I highly recommend Blue Wings Wedding and Events! You will not be disappointed!

Jessica & Mike

Bride/Groom, October 2018

Angela and her wonderful team did an exceptional job at our wedding that consisted of more than 250 guests. Our day would not have been so special if it had not been for the work of Angela and her team.
Angela possesses a great knowledge of what would and wouldn’t work for our outdoor venue. Further, she managed our expectations very well.
We truly did not have to worry about anything on our special day. Angela and her team handled all the big things and small things as well.


Bride/Groom, September 2018

She listens, she respects our vision and ideas, she wrangles anyone who needs wrangling, she offers amazing and genuine emotional support, she’s fun, and she really knows how to get her ducks in a row. She has experience and she has lots of great connections. Timing was awesome and dang she is organized and thorough. Unless your wedding involves a drive-through chapel in Vegas, hire a wedding planner or at least a wedding coordinator. But more importantly hire Angela and her team. And come to think of it even if you had a drive-through chapel in Vegas you should still hire Angela because that would be a lot of fun and she’d make sure your Elvis impersonator had a sufficient amount of sequins.

Kristiana & Andrew

Bride/Groom, July 2018

Our wedding was perfect due to Angela and her team. I don’t even know where to begin. I was always skeptical about needing a wedding planner. My future mother in law finally convinced me to hire one and that’s when I found Angela, my saving grace. Angela went above and beyond in every aspect, from helping us find the most PERFECT officiant and a fantastic videographer within our budget (I never would’ve been able to find a videographer in our budget without Angela’s help) to taking care of all the small details. We live out of town, so she went to walk-through’s for us, met with vendors and even dealt with our venue that is known to be incredibly strict with rules and timing. There are just so many wonderful things to say that I can’t even remember them all. If you’re in Seattle/Tacoma HIRE ANGELA. I guarantee that you will not regret it. She turned this skeptic into a believer and made our vision come alive.
Nolan & Nancy

Bride/Groom, October 2017

Blue Wings Events saved us money, stress, time and most of all gave us peace of mind! No blogs or articles I found included hiring a wedding planner. Funny thing is, I’m positive that we could not have had the beautiful wedding we did, and still come in under the budget we set, without Angela’s help.

Angela managed to find us the best venue for our needs and came up with a ceremony and reception schedule that allowed us to celebrate with both family and friends, while still making everything feel intimate. She was there every step of the way, from finding vendors, coming up with decoration and style ideas, and getting a wedding dress that made me feel like a million bucks (without spending a million bucks) to helping create our menu, keeping us on track with our timeline activities and reminding us that everything was not only going to be okay, but was going to be great. I was so grateful to be able to call her when I was stressed or anxious, to be able to ask her about all of my “supposed to’s” and have her confirm what I did and didn’t need to worry about, and to trust that she would help make my day everything I hoped for. Last but not least, day of coordination was a must for us.

Angela and the Blue Wings Events staff made everything go so smoothly from our ceremony through our brunch, into our evening party reception, that we were truly able to be our own guests. I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful memories I have of one of the least stressful, most beautiful and happy days of my life.

If you’re getting married, you owe it to yourself to let Blue Wings work their magic for you!

Mat & Katrina

Bride/Groom, October 2017

 Angela was a Godsend!! I met Angela at the Tacoma wedding expo and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and organization ideas. She gave me some post-its so I could tag all the vendor materials to remember who I loved. Of course I put one on Angela’s brochure!
Fast forward 6 months… I initially hired a friend of a friend to do my day of coordinating. I found myself telling her what to do and then stressing out that I’d have to do the same thing on my wedding day. I didn’t need that stress! I reached out to Angela in a panic 3 months before the wedding, hoping and praying she was still available for my wedding date. Thank God she was!! I met with her and was immediately put at ease with her knowledge and experience! Everything I worried over she said, “ Don’t worry! You have me now!”. I booked her that day and never looked back!
Angela doesn’t do “day of coordinating”. She does “month of coordinating” and boy, did I get my money worth! She was always available via text or email, she sent me reminders (even after the wedding!!), gave me vendor names, and so much more!! Honestly, she is worth wayyyyy more than what she charges. Thank you Angela for making my day perfect. You kept us on time (which is hard for me) and I never even had to worry about anything the whole day!! You even found my wedding shoes that got lost in the shuffle with all the decor (which still, to this day I don’t know where they were!). I probably would have gone shoe-less without you. Thank you so much, Angela. We will be forever grateful!!!
Brandon & Rachel

Bride/Groom, October 2017

We had a three day camping destination wedding, does it sound like a lot of planning? Well it was and we couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and professionalism of Angela. We worked with her for almost a full year to get everything right, and let me tell you it was amazing!! Perfect!! She was at the venue before everyone was awake and moving and she didn’t leave until all our guests were tucked in for the night. Angela and her assistant Michele were amazing! If you need a full on wedding planner or just month of coordinating Blue Wings Events is the way to go.
Ed & Melina

Bride/Groom, August 2017

If your looking for or considering hiring a wedding planner/coordinator your search can stop here as Angela from Blue Wings Events is amazing!  Angela and her staff did everything we asked for and more. During the beginning planning stages of the wedding, my now husband and I were debating if we needed to hire a wedding planner as I am a very organized, OCD kind of bride and had a lot already planned for the big day, but boy was I glad I hired Angela.

I originally only was going to hire Angela for the day of the wedding package, but we ended up determining she is of much greater value with her expertise and knew we needed her for much more. So we hired her for the “everything” package. And this is coming from the bride that has been planning her wedding for the past 5 years and knew what I was doing.

By far, hiring Angela and her staff was the best money I spent on the wedding. I had multiple meetings with her, she was always available to me via phone with any questions or concerns I had and was very organized. I couldn’t of done it without her!

So if your looking forward to actually enjoy your wedding day and have no worries about what’s going on while your getting ready, as it is intended to be like, then hire Angela and her staff.

Brian and Lindsay

Bride/Groom, July 2017

Being new to the area, I saved so much time and money working with Angela at Blue Wings Events. She was able to make fabulous recommendations for vendors that I NEVER would have found without her help. Angela was easy to get a hold of, and very organized and responsive.

If I had only one statement to make about the service I received from Blue Wings Events, it is that I feel like Angela gave me the most spectacular event, that turned out even more beautiful than I imagined, while continually being respectful of our budget.

Honestly, weddings are so much work. And we (most of us) only get married once in a lifetime. Spend the money and hire an event planner who has done this many times, or hate your life for the duration of your engagement.

Bryce & Laura

Bride/Groom, July 2017

I had an issue with a vendor and Angela said that was her job and just took it over and handled it. If you really just want to enjoy your day, Angela is your woman!
Tyrone & Zandra

Bride/Groom, June 2017

​My advice is if you think you can handle your wedding by yourself, you’re probably wrong. And if you’re one of the rare people that can, you’re going to be so stressed out you won’t be having the fun you deserve on your wedding day. The help of Blue Wings was worth every single penny. Blue Wings was a great company to plan our special day with. They have a variety of packages and helped us decide what best suited our needs. We’re procrastinators so we gave Angela free reign to call, text, e-mail, and nag us to meet our deadlines and she did! She not only takes pride in her work but she genuinely cares that you have the best wedding.
Stacy & Earl

Bride/Groom, December 2016

Angela was a great resource, and I would like to sing her praises. Leading up to our wedding day she made herself available at any given moment, text, email, phone calls, she responded to every question or concern within the hour. We were completely hands off for this last week before the wedding and it made the process so much less stressful. On the big day she ran it like a Swiss watch. Everything ran seamlessly, period. Our expectations were high, and they were blown out of the water. Thank you a million times over Angela. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Cody & Elora Binnie

Bride/Groom, August 2016

If you need any amazing wedding done or any amazing occasion done!! This is the woman to call … She organized our wedding and did a wonderful job!
Rachel and Mike Kummerfeldt

Bride/Groom, September 2016

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