Are you already feeling the pressure from family and friends to set a date and you just got engaged last week? Consider these points before you actually set the date…

  • How many people do you expect or want at the wedding?

If you want to keep it small, but have a large family consider finding a location that is small and with limited capacity.

  • Heart set on an outdoor wedding?

In Washington State our summers are from July 5th to Sept 30th, but you need to make sure there is a backup covering, as it is Washington State.

  • What is your budget and priorities?

Knowing what your budget is will make planning less stressful. Even Prince Harry and Meghan have a budget (albeit a big one), having a realistic budget will help you determine your next step, priorities. For reference, the average wedding in the United States has a budget of $35,000. If you have a limited budget, consider a public location or even a weekday wedding. Then list out your priorities; Food, DJ, Flowers…pick the top 2 and start there.

  • Are you really set on a specific date or location?

If the date is important then consider all the other factors and be open to all locations.  If you don’t have a specific date, but have your heart set on a location work with the venue on finding a date that takes into consideration all your other needs.engagement

Whatever you decide, make sure you have considered these four points and thought them through before being pressured to set a date.  Finding the perfect venue for your wedding sets the mood, but just remember the venue is one of the first thing to book and with over 25,000 marriages a year in Washington State, venues book fast.

As a wedding professional we can help you short though all the different locations and even suggest some great gems, allowing you to set the date without all the pressure from family.

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