We are celebrating our 6th year in business on January 3, 2022!!  

What a great adventure this has been and will continue to be!  Blue Wings Events started off with just me leading the way and Michele helping with day of support.  Many friends and family members have stepped in to help as the business had some major growth in the 2nd and 3rd years and I can’t thank them enough for their support.  In 2017 Stacy was hired on as our logistics manager and has learned quickly to become a seasoned wedding planner and logistics manager and has recently started to work on the corporate planning side of the business. Running a small business is hard work and trying to balance family and friend relationships, moves, medical setbacks, a pandemic that just won’t end, and life, in general, is crazy.

Blue Wings Events staff

But we are growing and taking on new challenges. So stay tuned as the next 6 years for Blue Wings Events takes off. 

A special thank you…

  • Thanks to our future clients.  With your support we will continue to grow and give us new challenges and happy memories.  
  • To our past wedding couples and their families, thank you. You each hold a special place in our hearts as you put your trust in us to help celebrate your love and commitment. 
  • Thank you to our corporate clients.  Each of you hold our respect and support as we continue to build these relationships, year over year. 
  • A special thank you to our vendors. We have grown because of the friendships and professionalism each of you provide. 
  • Thanks to our business partners.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to keep growing, plus delegating to you is the best feeling for a business owner. 
Blue Wings Events Celebrate 6 Years of Wedding Planning
Cheers to the next 6 years of beautiful events and wedding planning!

And most of all thank you to our families for the past 6 years of support. You stand by us as we work weekends and evenings with events, staff calls, and emails late into the night, creating projects in the kitchen and being exhausted to the point of not moving for a complete day after an event.  We are planning on staying steady in 2022, but growing tremendously in 2023.