Hosting an event at your business is a great way to network and generate qualified customer leads. In fact business owners feel that an informal event like an open house or ribbon-cutting ceremony boosts confidence in their company and builds stronger relationships along with growing their business seven to nine percent faster.meeting

But hosting such an event can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Likely, you and your staff are already busy, you are experts in your own industry and not corporate event planning, or you just don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, with the help of a professional event planner, you can still host events that show off your company in the best light and generate high-quality leads for your business.

Here are four points to consider before hiring an event planner for your next business event:

  1. Utilize Your Resources Best

You and your staff are great at your jobs – why not outsource your event to someone who is great at hosting events? An experienced event planner can handle the details of the event and take this off the plate of your staff, so they can focus on what is important to you: nurturing relationships of customers and prospects.

Don’t let an open house or ribbon cutting bog down the day-to-day operations of your business. This defeats the entire purpose of an event.

  1. Avoid Common Mistakes

An experienced event planner knows how to navigate events, work with vendors, and create the ideal environment for your prospects and guests. Knowing that your event will not be plagued with common mistakes or overlooked details not only reduces stress, but also improves the event in the eyes of your attendees.

  1. Budget Appropriately

Budgets are hard to set and manage if you don’t have experience.  An experienced event planner generally knows the costs of items but also whether there is value in spending more or less for something.  Hiring an experienced event planner also means having a skilled negotiator to rely on and they are not afraid of putting pressure on a supplier to keep you within your bud

  1. Stress

Stress is the crucial reason you should consider hiring an event planner.  An experienced event planner is used to the stress and is a generally is a logistical guru that foresees, prevents and will iron out any glitches that may occur prior to or during your event.  Letting a professional worry about what could happen allows you to be networking with your clients and prospects.

Hosting an event at your business can greatly benefit you and your sales team and sometimes you can do it in-house.  At the same time, it’s worth asking is it worth all the stress and time or allowing a professional event planner to shoulder the burned – and preventing a few less gray hairs – plus saving you time and money that can be utilized growing your business.

For a private consultation on how to make your next event a smashing success, schedule a consultation with me now. I have managed hundreds of business events and will help you host the perfect event too.  angela@bluewingsevents.com