If you’re planning your wedding yourself or just dipping your toes in the water, these are things that may not have come up yet, but are questions you should make sure to save to have along with you during the venue booking process.

1. Timing

The timeframe for getting into the venue on the day of the wedding will impact your planning process. It will determine when decor can be set up, when vendors should arrive, and when your hair and makeup team can begin. It is important not to overlook this detail, as it may require adjustments such as getting ready somewhere else or outsourcing decor setup.

2. Staffing

You should inquire about who is responsible for moving furniture and cleaning up during room transitions or flips, such as from the ceremony to the reception or from dinner to dancing. While some venues have staff who handle this, others may require couples to ask relatives or friends for assistance. Clarifying this will help avoid any last-minute surprises.

3. Candles

Check whether open flames or real candles are allowed in the venue. Many couples assume it is allowed, but there may be restrictions, such as size limitations or a complete ban. This information is crucial for your decor plans, so be sure to ask the venue about their policy.

4. Lodging

Consider how far your guests will have to travel for accommodation. If you choose a venue in a remote location, you may need to arrange transportation, such as a shuttle, for your guests, especially if they will be drinking. Additionally, the distance may affect how long guests can stay and party with you. Take into account the number of out-of-town guests you are expecting, as this will impact your budget and guest list.

5. Packing up

If you are not working with a planner or coordination team, it is important to know when decor needs to be removed from the venue. Sunday events or weddings often require items to be cleared out promptly. Make sure you are aware of the specific timeline for removing your decor to avoid any issues.

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Some of our favorite venues to consider include: Silvercloud Pt. Ruston | Suncadia Resort | Greater Tacoma Convention Center | Thornewood Castle