One of the first conversations as a wedding planner I like to have with my couples will include these 25 points, as they will always get asked, so we cover them many times throughout the wedding planning process.

Really these are sometimes just gentle reminders like, Can you sit in your dress? To the tough conversation of giving your vendors a meal better than a sandwich. In helping you through the wedding planning process our job is to not mention this once and move on, but to put it on the couple’s radar and then throughout the process remind you of these points as needed. So let’s review them here…

  1. Set a realistic budget and stick with it.
  2. If you send a save the date, you must send an invitation.
  3. Be clear about your guests’ plus ones.
  4. Inviting co-workers should be limited.
  5. Make it easy for your guests to rsvp.
  6. No don’t include registry info on your wedding invite. (we have other suggestions)
  7. You don’t have to compare and/or compete with your friends’ weddings or Pinterest.
  8. Do take care of your vendors.
  9. Make sure you both get along with your photographer.
  10. Be thoughtful of your wedding party’s budgets.
  11. Express yourselves as a couple, make this day yours not moms your aunts.
  12. Buy a dress you can actually sit in.
  13. Register for items at multiple price points.
  14. Send thank you cards, no you don’t have a year.
  15. Make the day about the people you love.
  16. Make your own decision about your first look, but talk through all the options before deciding.
  17. Don’t try any new makeup the two weeks before your wedding.
  18. Ditch the uncomfortable heels.
  19. Don’t get a crazy spray tan.
  20. Don’t crash diet.
  21. No shots of hard alcohol before the ceremony or really anytime.
  22. Yes, you need to thank your guests for coming during the reception.
  23. Nope you don’t have to toss your bouquet or do any of those things your mom did at her wedding, again make this day yours.
  24. Eat on your wedding day.Where to stand
  25. Expect the unexpected, and this is where your wedding planner has you covered, but if you are planning your own wedding, expect it to rain and to have too many guests show up and the ring to drop down between the boards of the dock.

As a full-time professional wedding and event planner, our team at Blue Wings Events has seen a lot. And like any experienced wedding planner we can bring to you a sense that because of this history we already know the best solution to so many different questions or situations when it comes to the entire wedding planning process.

Simply put, this is why you hire a wedding planner, so you don’t have to do the research and ask all your friends and start to stress over how to word not inviting kids to your wedding, we already know and we already know the questions to ask you so you don’t get blindsided.

Need help planning your special day? Blue Wings Events, LLC is a full-time event and wedding planning business that specializes in Letting You Be A Guest At Your Own Event.