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Celebration of Life Services

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The loss of a loved one brings so many emotions. Honoring the fullness of their life is a priority for us as we assist you and your family in creating a personal and unique celebration.  By taking care of the logistics we help families devote their energy and attention to each other and their emotional and spiritual needs. 

Allow us to help you create a personalized celebration of their life by reflecting what their life meant, how they will be remembered, and ensure they will not be forgotten.


  • Personal consultation to determine “Memorial Wishes”
  • Arrangement of memorial details (e.g. venue, decorations, catering, musicians)
  • On site overseeing of memorial reception from set up to clean up
  • Create a personalized memorial reception, interweaving personal touches that reflect the life of your loved one lost.

The team at Blue Wings has helped with two memorials in our family over the years and both times they have done an exceptional job.

Recently they helped with my mother’s service and family memorial.  They had staff at the service that handled moving all the items to the family memorial while we were at the grave site. This was such a great relief as it allowed us to walk into a warm and friendly home that had coffee on and all the items out and ready for the family to gather.

Perrault Family

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Celebration of Life Coordinators

Rod & Sandy bring a special touch of warmth and love as they facilitate our celebration of life events. Rod has years working as a pastor and Sandy currently owns a personal concierge services business.

Together, they have hosted many events at their own home in the Puyallup area and understand the compassion needed to ease the stress and allow you to focus on sharing time with your loved ones.

Rod and Sandy - Celebration of Life facilitators

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about common questions people have about hiring a celebration of life coordinator, memorial services, and what to expect on the day of remembrance.

What is a celebration of life service?

This is a service or event focused on honoring the life and legacy of a deceased loved one. Unlike traditional funerals, it is often more personalized and less formal, focusing on celebrating the person’s life, achievements, and the joy they brought to others.

How does planning a celebration of life service differ from planning a traditional funeral?

Planning a celebration of life often involves more customization and personal touches, reflecting the deceased’s personality and preferences. It can be held in various venues and is not restricted to funeral homes or religious settings.

What are the key elements to consider when organizing a celebration of life service?

Key elements include choosing a venue, deciding on a theme or tone that reflects the deceased’s life, selecting music and readings, planning activities or ceremonies, and arranging for food and drinks.

How far in advance should a celebration of life be planned?

Timing can vary depending on the family’s wishes and logistical factors. Some families opt for a service soon after the passing, while others wait weeks or even months to allow distant relatives and friends to attend.

Can a celebration of life be held for someone who had a traditional funeral?

Yes, many families choose to have a celebration of life in addition to or instead of a traditional funeral, especially if they want a more personalized or non-traditional event.

What are some unique ways to personalize a celebration of life service?

Personalization can include displaying photographs, sharing favorite music or literature, showcasing personal artifacts, creating a memory wall, or incorporating the loved one’s hobbies or passions.

Should I hire a professional event planner for a celebration of life service?

While not mandatory, a professional event planner can help manage the details, allowing the family to focus on honoring their loved one and grieving without the stress of event logistics.

What should be considered when choosing a venue for a celebration of life service?

Considerations include the expected number of guests, the location’s significance to the deceased or family, accessibility, and whether the venue can accommodate the planned activities and services.

How can I support guests who are grieving during the event?

Providing a supportive environment, including having a space for quiet reflection, offering grief counseling resources, and ensuring the event allows for sharing memories and emotions, can be helpful.

What are the costs associated with a celebration of life service?

Costs can vary widely depending on the scale of the event, venue, catering, and other personalized elements. Some families opt for modest gatherings, while others may plan more elaborate events.

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