Funerals, wakes, memorial services and celebration of life events have become a bit more difficult to navigate during 2020 and it’s changing weekly depending on the state you or the loved one lives in. Here are some ways that you can be there for the ones you love while still physical distancing: 

As of 9.16.2020 here are the current WA State funeral guidelines

Hold a virtual memorial service

 With a resource like Zoom, you can easily hold a memorial service while physically distancing, just make sure you record it for future use. Other popular resources include Houseparty, Google Hangouts, Facebook video calling

Write a letter

It can be to one person or you can ask others to send you memories directly. Sometimes writing a letter can be nicer than texting or calling since it can give you more time to process what each person is going through and give others more time to respond. 

Share photos and stories

Creating a memorial group chat, a page on social media or even a hashtag can give a platform to share memories at a distance.  Consider having someone create a video with all the photos shared and then resharing during a virtual memorial or later when everyone is back together for a celebration of life event in person. Another great tool that will allow you to capture the memories and condolances from a distance is Raise A Voast.

Plan ahead for a Celebration of Life event

You do not need to go through this alone, our team here at Blue Wings Events can help sort through all your ideas and suggest other, but also guide you through the process of organizing and planning through all the COVID guidelines. Then  when we are all able to gather together again you and your family will be ready.  Maybe on your loved ones birthday or on a special holiday that they loved.  

Are we going to be friends forever?” ask Piglet
“Even longer” answered Pooh

Written by Carlie Strecker for Blue Wings Events