Good food is a must for events, and CARR’s Catering is one of our favorites and we know you will agree.   Always good food at a reasonable price, but the staff and creativity is what we really love about them. We have asked them to do a carnival theme with food tents for 600 and the same day provide specialized food for a family at a celebration of life event.  Ellie and her team are great partners that are willing to taste bread from a local company, create specialized meals and customize each event to fit each of our clients. Another great thing about CARRs is they are a restaurant too…so the kitchen is always open!!

And now hear from Ellie & Chris Carr the owners of CARR’s Restaurant & Catering, a trusted vendor whom you should also know..

Please describe your business and why or how you began.

Family owned & operated restaurant and catering company that opened in 2008. We started the restaurant as the result of my senior project in college becoming a dream of ours and turning that dream into a reality. The catering wasn’t in our original plan, but as we got asked here and there to help with party trays and then a friend-of-a-friend’s wedding, we realized we truly enjoyed cooking for larger scale events too. It lets us use our creative side more freely than sticking to our regular menu every day.

Describe one new trend that you have incorporated within your product and, or service offering?

One of the big trends right now are grazing tables and “bars”. Less formal food, that has an amazing eye appeal. Many are meats, cheeses, spreads and breads with fruits and nuts – but they can be done with breakfast foods (think pancake/waffle/scrambled egg bars), pastas, tacos, crostini’s and so much more!

Grazing Table at one of our wedding clients

Please list and explain one skill set that you excel at related to your business. 

One skill set that we feel sets us apart is our creativity. We love it when clients tell us their vision and just trust in us to make it come to life. We love the challenge of creating something unique for our events, and feel we execute that well.

How would you describe your design or creative process for producing your end product? 

We like to take pictures, collages, and inspiration from everywhere – other restaurants, other cultures, other events we attend, you name it – and then put our own spin on things. We start with a basic idea and then through trial and error, create something beautiful AND delicious!

Communicate at least one reason why you like working with Blue Wings Events, LLC.

We love the creative freedom your clients bring to us!  Blue Wings Events helps their clients dream big, while keeping things checked in reality – and then reassure them to trust the experts in what they do best! We also love the constant communication and that the entire team at Blue Wings Events takes on all the specifics, so that we don’t have to, leaving us to focus on our part – the best part – the food!


Ellie Carr ellie@carrsrestaurant.net

Carr’s Restaurant & Catering

11006 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood, WA 98499