What’s in our name Blue Wings Events and dragonfly logo? I was reminded by a new client that I hadn’t written my blog on the naming of our business and our logo, so I went back to my last blog and read through it and sure enough I’m behind on my promise to blog about this.  Thanks for the reminder!!
Blue Wings Events … most people call us Blue Wings

Actually I wanted to name the business Dragonfly Events but it was taken, you never realize all the details of searching domain names along with state/federal sites, then realizing everything is taken and what types of business have these names. Plus balancing being a wedding planner, corporate planner and soon to be a celebration of life coordinator. So I just started coming up with names, Blue Bird and bunch of other names, Snap Dragon being one of them, this went on for about 5 or 6 weeks.

Then a friend mentioned a tattoo I have of some blue wings (yes I have tattoos). I actually rushed to the computer and started searching and while there is a company out there named Blue Wing, I felt changing it a bit to Blue Wings Events and then using the dragonfly as the logo in all blue, would be perfect. The dragonfly has 4 wings so making the wings plural made so much sense. I polled all my family and friends, bought the domain, registered the name and hired a lawyer to make the changes all legal. Blue Wings Events, LLC was officially named and business cards where ordered!!

Now you ask why a dragonfly?

Over the past summers my dad and I have spent many hours out on a small lake in his boat sitting for hours fishing. The shoreline of this lake has some homes, but mainly natural woods meet the calm waters of the lake. Letting us enjoy all the wild animals, including the dragonflies that love to land on the tips of our poles and rest while we just watch in wonder of their beauty.

In watching these dragonflies over the years I realized how much they really do represent what we do as wedding planners and event planners. So here is your lesson on the dragonfly.

A dragonfly has four wings and they can adjust their wing orientation to change the aerodynamic forces acting on each wing allowing these iridescent insects to change the direction of flight in six different directions. So while flying 45 miles an hour the dragonfly can fly up, down, forward, backwards and side to side plus hover like a helicopter, and their vision encompasses almost every angle except right behind them.

For our business the dragonfly symbolizes the ability to overcome changes at an event and adapt to the moment, but to be on the move and watch at all times, all while exuding a sense of power and poise.

As you might have seen on a summer day trying to catch a dragonfly, they tend to have unpredictable flight that is quick and sharp, where they rarely stay right there in front of you. Ask my staff or any one of our preferred vendors that has worked with us on site. I don’t stay in one place for long and normally you have to walk and talk at the same time to ask me a question or get clarification. And our staff is trained to always be thinking ahead to what should happen and to what could happen, plus trying to ward off any disasters or unwanted attention to our clients. And I don’t know how many times my dinner plate has been cleared from my hidden corner, for me to only go back and get another to try and eat again…most of the time I just give up and eat the next day.

Do we think it’s a distraction to be always on the lookout? No, it’s how we are on site, moving from one place to the next, like backing up to tuck a purse strap left on the floor so it won’t trip a guest or helping wedding party members with their speech that they never got around to writing. We will even slide in to clear the plates of the parents so they can be ready for the first dance, and will be stealth in having the bartender walk out and get host/hostess a drink order personally, so they can keep socializing with all their guests and not stand in line.

But sometimes the moments are worth stopping and taking it in, like tracking down the photographer to get a photo of the 95 year old great grandma and groom dancing, truly a moment that needed to be captured for everyone and a moment I will always stop and watch and not move for some time.

This is Blue Wings Events, LLC and what the Dragonfly represents…living in the moment, be aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t want.  But more importantly make informed choices for your wedding, corporate event or your loved ones celebration of life.  I think it’s time to change our tag line from ‘letting you be a guest at your own event’ to ‘LETTING YOU BE PRESENT IN EVERY MOMENT’