Are you considering a Private Residence or Backyard Wedding?

Many couples are considering a private residence or backyard wedding for various reason.  Backyard weddings are not a new thing and we love them just as much as a venue wedding.  But if you have access to a private property to host your wedding, then consider yourself extremely lucky!  A backyard wedding offers you more flexibility when it comes to the timeline, and sometimes a much more relaxed atmosphere. However, there are some serious logistical items that need to be considered before committing to a backyard wedding.


Even a small wedding will mean more cars than usual parked on the property, so considering available parking options is a must. Is there an abundance of street parking? An open field or lot? A nearby business or church that will let you use theirs? Or will you need to have guests park off-site and offer a shuttle to the property?


First consider if you want guests going into the house or not. The backyard weddings we’ve hosted have leaned more to renting luxury restrooms as they provide washing stations too, but there is no right or wrong answer, it’s simply what you prefer. If you want the house off-limits, then you’ll need to rent port-a-potties. If you are using the house, consider how many bathrooms there are, how easy they are to find, and if you are on a septic system, make sure it can handle this influx in people using the bathrooms.  Nobody wants backed up bathrooms on their wedding day.


This is important for chairs at the ceremony and tables during the reception. Remember, what may seem like a slight slope with nothing on it may become much more noticeable once you’re sitting in a chair that’s leaning or trying to eat on a crooked or wobbly table. Consider the slope of the yard when planning your layout to avoid uneven ground.


When you’re starting from scratch, everything will need to be rented, from the dance floor, chairs and tables to a tent for a covered space just in case it rains or to protect you and your guests from the sun. While you may be saving on the venue, these costs can definitely add up. The good news, is that you can save on delivery fees by allowing things to be brought in a day or two early and picked up a day or two after the event.


You’ll need power for lighting, but most importantly for the DJ or band. Make sure there are outlets, or nearby power sources where the DJ will need to be set up for the ceremony and reception. Your rental company can also provide a power box if needed.


Keeping a backyard looking lush and green during the summer takes a lot of work. If the owners take care of this regularly and enjoy gardening, then you’re in luck, but if not this will be a big undertaking. It costs quite a bit of money to update landscaping, install lighting, keep things watered, etc., not to mention the time it takes to maintain it. If it’s not your property, this is a great area to offer to help so the burden doesn’t fall completely on the property owner. When our son got married in our backyard his future mother-in-law came and helped clean up the 16 rhododendrons we had.

We love weddings on private properties here at Blue Wings Events, and as long as you take these logistical items into consideration, we have no doubt you’ll be able to host family and friends to celebrate your day. But if you don’t want to be worried you missed something, give us a call and we will do a walk through with you.