2017 has finally come to a close and it was such a year of change for us personally and within Blue Wings Events. My husband, Mark and I started off the year with so much change, by downsizing our home by half, (that’s a lot of selling, giving away, and boxing up), you know that craze of ‘tiny houses’, well we lived it.

Blue Wings Events also grew, which allowed us to hire new staff members to accommodate our amazing clients. I am also very grateful to our wedding couples and corporate clients of 2017 for all your kind words and referrals.  We are looking forward to executing some incredible events in 2018 and already have our calendar filled up half way. I also was given the opportunity by the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce to speak on Networking and Protocol and I’m hoping to building that line of business in the coming year too. www.AngelaStrecker.com 

So let’s reflect on the different locations, style and of course the people and how each event is reflective of the host.

OH!! that location:

The wedding at Kelley Farm was on a beautiful May evening and at this venue you always get a stunning sunset. But what I loved about this wedding is how so many couples want no kids, Rachel and Travis encouraged kids, as they were uniting together their blended family of 5, plus they had an ice cream cart! Michele, my assistant couldn’t decide what to do…eat ice cream or hold Rachel and Travis’ baby, I think she did both together at one point.
Photo by: GSquared Weddings


Bryan and Lindsay’s wedding at Laurel Creek Manor is a toss between being at a great venue and being an amazing couple. The venue is stunning and oh so private, but Lindsay was the bride that knew exactly what she wanted, (which I love) and Bryan is so in love with his bride and oh so funny!!  Here is a great short video of the venue and this wedding!!
Video by: DreamBoat USA Video
Photos by: Nallayer Studios

The Tacoma Union Station weddings have some of the most stunning photos, and if you have a large wedding this is the venue for sure! Rachel and Brandon pulled off a beautiful wedding, might help that Rachel is a florist, but their family and friends were amazing and the wedding party was a blast. (wonder if we can hire them out for other wedding parties?)
Photos by: Sam and Sola Lee Photo

Old Town Music Society is my little best kept secret venue. Stunning views, great rental price and a location that is perfect for a small wedding. When Mat and Katrina came to me and stated they wanted a small wedding under 100, but both had enormous 200+ each guests lists, this was the location we picked. They had a small morning ceremony with a brunch reception followed by an evening open house for that enormous guest list. Best of both worlds.

Thornewood Castle is our favorite location, yes it’s crazy with all the rules, but we love this venue and would love to do more weddings here, so book soon!! Nancy and Nolan, who live in Idaho, but are from Alaska, came to us as a destination wedding. Because of our experience at Thornewood Castle they let us run with it, which helps when the couple is out on a job fishing and can’t communicate for 3 months or on a cruise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or traveling to Hawaii. And no matter rain or shine Thornewood is a classic venue, plus their flower girl stole the show and calmed the nerves of both bride and groom. Check out this great short video of the wedding/venue.
Video by: DreamBoat Video USA
Photos by: Jenny Storment

They have style:

Tasha and Dave had a style of wedding that you would call eclectic vintage at the Depot Market Square in Bellingham. Tasha spent months collecting items from thrift shops and her family’s different homes. What we liked about this décor was it was comfortable; long tables mixed with rounds then inter mixed with couches and chairs surrounding a multi-carpeted dance floor that invited guests to dance or sit and watch.  What we didn’t like…Glitter, when we cleaned up the floor it was covered in Glitter, and we couldn’t figure it out, as it wasn’t her style.  Then I saw photos and figured it out, the bridesmaids had on gold sequence dresses that they made.  (There is a reason venues say no glitter, that S!#* does not sweep up, you have to vacuum it up!!)
Photos by: Kingmon Creative

If it sparkled it was Zandra and everything around her, from the glistening ice sculpture, iridescent aisle runner, sequence linens to her diamonds and tiny tiara, this girl sparkled!  The CourtHouse Square in Tacoma has two spaces within the downtown post office and the perfect location for Zandra and Tyron to have a classic ceremony that included praise dancers, (a first for us).  Followed by a cocktail style reception with no dining tables, just white leather seats and tall tables for guests to stand at to eat bite size food. It was a mingle type of event and was perfect when both have been married before and don’t need that traditional wedding. We all loved being around Zanda and she had a special place in assistant Dena’s heart, so it was especially fun to have two of my best friends, Michele & Dena at this event.
Photos by: Grant Horiuchi Photography

Think of a bride who looks like a Scottish princess and a groom in a traditional Scottish kilt…but the groom has on Converse high top shoes. Have over 45 people in the processional in a very large church and then ask 265 guests to create a unity circle. Unconventional? Yes, Becky and Matt are, but it was so them and so full of love that it all worked out to be a stunning ceremony.
Photos by: Christopher Barth Photographer

For our fairy bride Lisa and her prince John, it was a garden full of flowers and touches of both the bride and groom throughout. I was glad I was there through the entire process for Lisa and John, but only wished she had put those wings on as she walked down the aisle!  Their first dance was amazing, thanks to those dance lessons and the day turned out perfect at Tibbets Creek Manor for an outdoor ceremony. Lisa inspired me to write many blogs, as she had many questions and situations that taught me how to not only be a planner but a coach and supporter.  I learned to say; “It’s your day, do what you want.”  So girl, stand on the right, don’t do the garter toss or cut that cake and please put on those wings, because every fairy princess deserves to marry her prince!!
Photos by: Brooks Range Photography

Sometimes we can’t help but become friends:

Laura and Bryce knew no one when they hired us,  they had just moved from the Midwest. Plus they had nothing set, not even the date, they did have a budget and we stuck to it!!  First off, no one should shop alone for a wedding dress, so I grabbed my daughter-in-law and we headed out to go wedding dress shopping with Laura and baby Austin. She found a dress at Brides for A Cause for $500 that still had the tag of $10,000+ on it!!   Then having the wedding at the City of Edmonds Plaza Room with stunning views of the Puget Sound and Edmond’s Ferry with the sun setting made for a perfect back drop to a perfect day with family from the Midwest and little Austin wanting me to hold him. This is how we get the grandma itch out of us, we love on our clients babies.
Photos by: Chelsey Shaw Photography

This wedding was more of a family event that including Melina and Ed getting married, and the first time my assistant and I truly cried during a toast from the teenage son to his mother and new father. Three days of family and friends gathered on the Flying Horseshoe Ranch included a mechanical bull, bouncy house, corn-hole tournament, swimming and horseback riding. Then in the middle of it these two get married and have the perfect DJs that teach line dancing to everyone to keep the party going. Honestly, if I had time to meet with Melina & Ed every month I still would. This is also where Michele and I learned we could do flowers if we really had to. Photos by: Amanda Howse Photos

Want to get married in your back yard? Well Chase and Ryan did and we made it happen with of course a lot of help from their families in getting the property ready, and Cort Party Rental for everything needed to make it a venue, but what a day!! This wedding was even sweeter as my own daughter was the maid of honor, so to watch her give toasts made me double proud. But Chase, the groom stole the show, he carried Ryan’s dress when they walked anywhere, he was always looking at his stunning bride and that smile, that smile was worth a million bucks.

From our corporate clients:

We started the year with a small 300 person Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce Expo and ended with a large 500+ Saturn Barter Holiday Expo event, both of them marketing successes for each host, which is always a success for Blue Wings Events too!


To all of my marvelous couples, thank you for letting me into your lives and for trusting our team on your wedding day. We really do get to work with the most loving, creative, fun couples. To all the wonderful professional vendors who make this job fun and who make it look easy, you know who you are!
To my amazing team at Blue Wings Events; Michele, Dena, Bronwen and now Stacy, thank you for your incredible work ethic, for reading my mind, and for always finding my clipboard.

I had a groom give me a sign that said “I’m not Bossy, I’m Motivational”. I like to believe that is really what I am to my clients..motivating them to enjoy the process and day and it’s okay to do it your own way. My heart really is in this work and helping corporations, couples, families and guests be in the moment and not my notes.